Tesvor S6+


This strong Tesvor S6+ robot vacuum is made to be the perfect one for cleaning your home.
It can clean your house to your preferences thanks to its rechargeable battery. Pet lovers will find this vacuum to be ideal as it easily removes all of their fur and debris.

Hardwood floors will be safeguarded while carpets will be cleaner than ever. This vacuum cleaner maintains the well-being of all surfaces.

The rechargeable battery includes remote-controlled cleaning and auto-navigation capabilities, and it can run for up to 120 minutes before needing to be recharged.

There is nothing else like this robot vacuum cleaner.

It is a stylish vacuum cleaner with lots of customization options!

The Tesvor S6+ robot vacuum effectively cleans in and around furniture, leaving a spotless floor in its wake.

If you need more information to see if this is the right vacuum for you, continue reading to find out more!

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The S6+ robot vacuum cleaners with laser navigation system work more accurate than the ones with ordinary navigation system, it greatly reduce work errors

Simply set your no-go areas with the magnetic strip*
the high precision sensors will detect the border you set, so your S6+ will only clean the areas you need

*Magnetic strips can be purchased separately

With high-precision sensors that can detect potential obstacles, your S6+ will automatically avoid them if it is incapable of moving over them

When your S6+ identifies an edge or corner, it automatically narrows its cleaning distance, leaving nothing behind as it moves on

Implementation of Innovative Supclean technology to achieve a 2700Pa suction, which is exceptionally strong. Most pet hair, dust, debris, and crumbs from your carpets and hard floors are removed.

Works with Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands.
Simply just use APP, to schedule and monitor cleaning sessions, select cleaning modes, and personalize cleaning,

With a 5200mAh battery capacity and 0.6L dust box and 3-layer filters, it can continuously clean for up to 150 minutes, leaving your home nice and clean.

Tesvor Robot is designed with a very sensitive Anti-Drop (Stairs Safety) & Anti-Collision sensors to protect your furniture from scratches and stop it from falling downstairs.

With one-key control, start Cleaning task and when the job has been completed or the battery is low, the device will automatically recharge.

Having a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects, we are certain that this robot will meet all of your cleaning demands.


34,0 x 34,0 x 9.8 cm


4.0 kg




2700 Pa

Battery Capacity

5200 mAh (14,4 V / 25 W)

Max Runtime

max. 150 min.

Charging Time (approx)

4-6 hours

Dustion Capacity

600ml, Can upgrade to dust collector

Operating noise


Barrier-cross Height 



No-Go Lines (via App)

Voice Service

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Voice assistance


Cleaning setting

area, edge

Cleaning Type

Vacuuming and Mopping

Surface Recommendation

Hard floors and medium-high carpets

Virtual Wall

Magnetic Strip Tape Or Set on App Map


HEPA Filter

What's in the box

Robot Vacuum, Charging Dock, Water Tank, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Adapter, Hepa Filter, Remote Controller, Side Brushes * 2

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Jared Watson
3 years ago

While it worked it was great, a great time saver. But exactly 32 days later it stopped working. Not great for high pile rugs either.

Jared Watson
2 years ago

Do not buy… Could not find docking station and battery life really bad. Bought a Roborock much better.

Jared Watson
3 years ago

Item was a used item. Piece of junk!

Jared Watson
3 years ago

Purchased about 6 weeks ago. Doesn’t work any more.

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Shipping 30 Days Returns 1 Years Warranty

You can buy directly from these platforms:

Tesvor S6+