Tesvor T8


Tesvor T8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 2000Pa Strong Suction Visual navigation

With Tesvor you don’t need to change your cleaning habits, our smart robot vacuum cleaner adapts your everyday routine.

Tesvor T8 equipped with Directional cleaning system. Go any position you want to clean,App control with the living map can help you plan all cleaning path,clear and distinct.

Tesvor T8 robot vacuum cleaner with mop has Smart Mapping System, Alexa Connectivity, App Controls, and self-charging system. This robotic vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet hair, hard floors, and thin carpets. The smart system allows you to customize, schedule, monitor cleaning sessions, select cleaning modes, and know the malfunction cause on your phone.

The smartphone app WeBack is available on Android and iOS

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Visual navigation is very intelligent, it can identify complex home environment. Front camera with Image positioning, more accuracy. 8.1 cm Shallow body, free to go anywhere. The camera works stably, quite durable.

After a full charge, returning to the pause position before to continue cleaning original cleaning plan.

Diversification customized cleaning plan, Cleaning room one by one.High quality and efficient cleaning, Cover area up to 95 %.

OTA online firmware upgrade function, search data and update in time to solve the problem of smart product update too fast, the more you use, the more intelligent it will be.

Multi-speed inverter suction, Strong gathering brush, Imported brushless motor.Coincide with locals, No omit and Reduce hair entanglement, durable.Intelligent watertank, intelligent wet mopping.

Intelligent water seepage,Drag and drop.Constant pressure wet mop.Close to the ground,Clean and thorough

With multiple sets of sensors and high-definition cameras, no matter how complicated the home environment is, it canprotect furniture and itself.


33,0 x 33,0 x 8,1 cm





Navigation system

Visual & Gyroscope Navigation

Dustion Capacity


Water Tank Capacity

350ml(Purchase separately)

Battery Capacity

14,4 V / 2.500 mAh

Cleaning mode

Smart/Single Room/Edge/Spot(APP only)


VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)

Operating noise


Operating enviroment

0-40° C temperature,<85% humidity

Walking Speed (m/min)




Rotating speed of fan

16700 (r/min)



Voice Service

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Voice assistance


Clean Area

1600 sq. ft

Cleaning Type

Vacuuming & Sweeping/Mopping


95~120 mins

Full Specification Vector_after_btn

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