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The Tesvor S4 robot vacuum which comes with laser navigation and an improved low-volume design is proudly the latest addition to the Tesvor family. Experience an unprecedented cleaning experience! Tesvor S4’s laser navigation technology and gyroscope make it exceptionally intuitive in every direction. With an outstanding 2,200 Pa performance output, the Tesvor S4 robot vacuum gives a more powerful suction performance with quieter operation. This innovative product is now finally available for everyone to enjoy!

The latest release of Tesvor S4 robot vacuum shows how the robot vacuum world is evolving. Check out all this robot vacuum has to offer below.

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This robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean floors without human intervention. It uses sensors and algorithms to navigate around obstacles and find its way back home when finished.

They are equipped with sensors that allow them to detect obstacles in their path, and they use algorithms to navigate around them so as not to be stopped in their tracks. The Tesvor S4 also has lasers that work omnidirectionally, providing an intuitive detection of walls, obstacles and stairs.

The new app features an updated interface which is designed to make it easier to set up a cleaning schedule as well as explore maps of different floors with ease. Let’s say you have several rooms that all require various stages of cleaning, no worries! The all-new Tesvor App will allow you to individually set your conditions for each space with up to 5 room cards!
The Tesvor S4 app is available on Android and iOS and can be controlled with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which makes it easy to manage while you are busy working or running errands.

What is performance uninterrupted for a robot vacuum cleaner? To start with, the Tesvor S4 has a battery capacity of 2,500 mAh and it lasts for 120 minutes. That’s a solid 2 hours of uninterrupted cleaning! The volume of this robot vacuum cleaner is below 56 decibels, which means that it won’t disturb your family members or roommates while you’re at work or if you’re working from home.

With breakthrough technology in the cleaning industry, they are reliable and have no undesirable incidents, such as falling or getting stuck on carpets and such. It has been designed with built-in technology that makes it efficient to use and easy to maintain

Robot vacuum cleaners are the future of cleaning. They are convenient and efficient while saving you time and effort.

But now, not only will it clean your home for you, but you can get it to automatically clean after itself!

The automatic return to the charging station is a great innovation for robot vacuum cleaners. It helps to sustain performance and stabilize battery charge. The automatic suction station makes disposal easy with its HEPA air filter system that allows you to clean up the station after several weeks which is perfect if you have other priorities.


34.8 x 34.8 x 14.8 cm


4.88 kg



Navigation system

Laser + Gyroscope SLAM


2,200 Pa

Dustion Capacity

600 ml

Battery Capacity

2500 mAh (14.4 V / 25 W)

Rechargeable battery life (approx.)

max. 120 min.

Charging Time 

4-6 hours

Voice Service

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Voice assistance

English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.

Cleaning Type

Vacuuming only

Surface recommendation

Hard floors and medium-high carpets

Operating noise


Barrier-cross Height 


Virtual Wall

With Demarcation Strips or Mapping Function


Tripple with High-Performance Filter

What's in the box

Robot Vacuum, Charging Dock, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Adapter, Hepa Filter, Remote Controller, Side Brushes * 2

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All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. 2

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All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. 3

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