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The revolutionary Tesvor M1 robot vacuum cleaner is your new indispensable friend for all your cleaning needs.

The Tesvor M1 can vacuum up anything from fur to pollen, without breaking a sweat. Gone are the days of trying to clean with low suction power, or fighting against stubborn dirt. The Tesvor M1 fits your every need with its 4 suction levels of 1,000 Pa, 1,800 Pa, 2,800 Pa, and 4,000 Pa.

This amazing robot vacuum allows you to easily adjust the suction power based on the floor and degree of soiling. It also comes with a cool 600ml dust container to collect dust, impurities, and human, or even pet hair,  easily.

The Tesvor M1 robot vacuum is built to make your life easier. It has a large battery that lasts for approx. 150 minutes and it can clean up to 1,614.45 ft² without recharging. If you’ve got toddlers or pets to clean up after and want these cool features packaged at a fair price, look no further!

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The Tesvor M1 is a robot vacuum cleaner with four adjustable modes that can be set via the app.

The 4 adjustable modes are Night Mode, Normal Mode, High-Performance Mode, and Maximum Power Level. It can also automatically return to its charging station when it runs out of power or needs cleaning.

Cleaning with the Tesvor M1 robot vacuum cleaner is a great way to make your home or office more hygienic. It can clean the floors, carpets and even mop the floor.

The performance of this vacuum cleaner is excellent with its powerful suction, strong brushes, and ability to adapt to different modes and needs, therefore making it absolutely user-friendly for any household or commercial space.

Tired of constantly having to change your vacuum batteries? The Tesvor M1 robot vacuum solves that problem with its powerful battery of 5,200 mAh, which lasts up to 2 hours before it needs to be recharged. This means that it can work for up to 150 minutes continuously with a single charge of 360 minutes, which is an impressive durability rate as that will cover a healthy portion of your space that’s been cleaned!

This Tesvor M1 robot vacuum is perfect for those who want a cleaner home, without all the hassle of constantly changing their batteries, or manually sweeping away dirt so they can vacuum.

The one-key control system of the Intelligent Cleaning Planning for Tesvor M1 is a system that helps you plan the cleaning route for your robot vacuum cleaner. The S-type cleaning plan is designed to clean the entire area in one go.

It helps you save time and energy by not having to double-check cleaned areas. The system moves line by line and systematically vacuums to clean efficiently.

Tesvor M1 robot vacuum has the luxury of being controlled by an App. It is available on Android and iOS and can be controlled with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which makes it easy to manage while you are busy. The App also allows you to monitor the cleaning progress so you will know what your Tesvor M1 is up to at all times.

Tesvor M1 robot vacuum is a smart vacuum cleaner that has the ability to self-schedule its own cleaning plan as it is equipped with a built-in AI system that facilitates cleaning according to your needs and schedule. This means that you can set up a cleaning plan for the device through Tesvor’s mobile App with peace of mind it will be completed as requested.

The Tesvor M1 is a “Hands-Free” Robot Vacuum that can be controlled with the help of a mobile application. It has fall prevention sensors, durable bumpers, and collision sensors which ensure that it does not get damaged while cleaning.

So don’t worry about your double-story homes and staircase edges, the technology in this Tesvor M1 will impress you.

The automatic return to the charging station is a great idea for robot vacuum cleaners. It helps to sustain performance and ensure a stable battery charge.

With its increasing popularity in households and offices around the world, this feature of the Tesvor M1 makes it a popular choice. This feature helps to maintain performance and stable battery charge by saving power and reducing the time spent on cleaning tasks before returning to their charger.

The Tesvor M1 robot vacuum is a great invention for people who are too busy or have other priorities to do the house cleaning themselves. It comes in a wide range of specifications, and with such an affordable price tag! It has great specifications, performs well, and it is inexpensive. It has been the best seller out of the Tesvor range this year!


33 x 33 x 8.1 cm





Navigation system

Gyroscope Navigation

Dustion Capacity


Water Tank Capacity

350ml(Purchase separately)



Battery Capacity

5200 mAh (14,4 V / 25 W)

Rechargeable battery life (approx.)

120 min.


120 mins

Walking Speed (m/min)


Operating noise


Operating enviroment

0-40° C temperature,<85% humidity



Rotating speed of fan

30000 (r/min)





Voice Service

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Voice assistance


Clean Area

1600 sqft

Cleaning mode

Smart/Single Room/Edge/Spot(APP only)

Cleaning Type


Surface Recomendation

Hard floors and medium-high carpets

Virtual Wall

Magnetic Strip Tape


HEPA Filter

What's in the box

Robot vacuum, charging dock, cleaning brush, user manual, adapter, Hepa Filter, Remote Controller, Side Brushes * 2

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All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

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